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С детства мне не давали покоя две несбыточные маниловщины: сделать свой Мортал Комбат и сделать своих Хероезов. Я безудержный поклонник обеих серий, но в исполнении отдельных частей каждой из них меня вечно что-то не устраивало. И вот, ворошил я тут старые папки и наткнулся на свои картинки двухлетней давности. В те времена как раз выходил новый Мортал Комбат, и на разного рода художественных блогах и прочих девиантартах было очень модно придумывать редизайны персонажей. Меня, как выяснилось, таковая мода стороной не обошла - и я взялся вдохновенно фигачить. Причём, конечно же, не просто картинки, но вкупе с историей. Очень хотелось сделать из Смертельной Битвы мрачную диснеевскую сказку про любовь, но с сохранением каноничных, макабрических мутиляций. Сюжетные вводные писал изначально на английском - теперь вот сижу и угораю, по-отечественному это выглядит совсем смешно. Поэтому, добро пожаловать. На всякий случай, добро пожаловать с двенадцати лет - это же всё-таки Мортал Комбат. То есть, по уму-то, наверное, с восемнадцати - но, я вас умоляю, это же Мортал Комбат! Праздник детства!


Hanzo Hasashi ceased to exist in the world of human beings in the worst way for Shirai Ryu warrior. Condemned as a traitor by his own clan, he was thrown into a pit with deadly scorpions. Hanzo Hasashi was dying slowly and painfully. Scorpions imbued with poison not only his flesh, but his soul too...

In the Netherealm this poisoned soul reincarnated into demon Gaki, expiring flames. This ninja-demon couldn’t neither eat nor drink: his fire breath turned food into coals and water into steam. But even stronger thirst was torturing Hanzo’s demonic soul. His revenge, his desire to punish them who set him up and blemished him in estimation of his Younin. Rusty barb wires embraced him clinging deeply to the body – those were manacles of his unfinished affairs, his epicene fury.

Once, unknown power suddenly drew him from the Netherealm and threw into the world of mortals again. Flame-breathing demon didn’t know who brought him back and why did they do it. But this mystery could wait. He must finish with mysteries of his own past in the first place. They who returned him didn’t appease his anger but gave a chance. Chance to sting his enemies without remorse, sting them with that very poison he had been imbued by scorpions...

- It was Quan Chi who drew Scorp from Netherealm.
- Scorp's robes colored in yellow with sulphur powder – alchemic element used by Quan during the unholy ritual of summoning him.
- Scorpions on Scorp's shoulders and shanks are some kind of living armor. And they can sting for sure.
- Scorp hides his mouth under the mask to prevent his flame breath from spurtling (yeah, Pretas (Gaki in Japanese) can’t control their breath – they throw fire with every single exhale).
- Barb wires on his left hand and torso are manifestation of Scorp’s furious anger and pain.
- I’ve planned my Scorp with some homage to the popular Japanese avenging spirits such as Sadako; so during the battle he has to have some kind of TV noise all over his body.
- Also I’ve desided to leave some pencil strokes under the colors to make it, you know, grittier.


Seeing the fall of her erstwhile beautiful and flourishing realm, Princess Kitana swelled with indignation and despair. Argus, celestial protector of the realm, was destroyed. Kitana’s father King Jerrod of Edenia and her only true love general Rain had tragically fallen under the furious onslaught of Shao Kahn’s hordes. Queen Sindel of Edenia had been taken by Khan himself so the Princess didn’t even know what had happen to her unfortunate mother...

Kitana was surrounded by silent ruins of Edenia. There was no more light in this grey and cold pieces of stone. There was no light left in Kitana’s heart either. From her deep despair a new feeling was born – feeling of revenge, lech for filthy blood of her nemesis. A truly dark feeling – dark and cold as the heavy rain falling upon the ruins from the mourning firmament.

To achive her goal and strike back at the Outworld, Kitana invoked an ancient macabre power sleeping in the depths of underground Edenian waters. Its name was Pulpos – the mighty deity of the past. Pulpos had been defeated by the Edenian god-protector Argus and had been known as the most terrible monster in history of the realm. But now he was the only hope for Kitana and for Edenia.

Using forbidden witchcraft techniques, Kitana broke the seals releazing Pulpos from his eternal sleep. But there was one rule in that ritual: fallen ancient god could be summoned only into the body of one of the summoner’s closest people who died eventualy...

- It is Pulpos’ medallion on the princess’ chest; she used one to break the seal and to awake ancient monstrous deity.
- It was Quan Chi who slipped the medallion to Kitana...
- Seashell earrings Kitana wears is a precious gift from her fiance general Rain.
- Kitana was my favorite in old great MK II. So in my Mortal Kombat story she is the lead character.
- I don’t really like the development of her character after the MK II and UMK3 - like «good holy princess of light» you know - that is why I’ve designed her more in the vein of witch and dominatrix.
- Also I think Kitana should use more kicks in battle


Every Lin Kuei warrior sharpens their own unique killing technique. To accomplish this they have to cross the edge and break the limits of human abilities. Somehow. Sub-Zero devoted his lifetime to the Iciness. Many years he spent on the cold mountain heights of Tibet. He was sleeping on the snow in the nuddy, he was gnawing ice quench thirst, he was killing snow lions barehanded just to subsist. Through his gruelling trainings he gained an absolute power over the Cold and in sign of that he decorated his clothes with the snow lion’s fur...

Sub-Zero become the most mighty and merciless assassin of his clan. One day a strange man came to Lin Kuei shrine – a man with alabaster-pale skin with glyph-shaped cuttings covering his face and torso. He initiated a deal: Sub-Zero must destroy Shirai Ryu’s champion who had been chosen to enter the Mortal Kombat tournament and depict everything in a way the champion was killed by hand of fellow Shirai Ryu ninja. Instead of that the pale man would translate ancient Lin Kuei scrolls written in forgotten Chinese dialect which even Lin Kuei Elders couldn’t understand...

Sub-Zero penetrated the hidden village of Shirai Ryu. He learned that Hasashi Hanzo was the greatest rival of Shirai Ryu champion inside the clan. Sub-Zero killed Hanzo’s younger brother, ripping his head with spine and took his harpoon – a trademark weapon of Hasashi family. After that he assassinated Shirai Ryu champion with that very harpoon. Also Shirai Ryu younin knew that young Hasashi had always tried to apease Hanzo’s rival feelings. Hanzo was called a traitor and suffered death by the younin’s order. However Sub-Zero didn’t know what kind of terror begins with his murders...

- Because of Sub’s Tibetian trainings it is traditional snow lion mask on his chest.
- It is Scorpion’s younger brother’s head Sub is carrying. Yeah, Scorp had a brother too T_T.
- It was – of course! – Quan Chi, who made a deal with Sub.
- I’m not really pleased with some details of this one. At least it has right expression.
- I’ll tell you guys later, what was in Lin Kuei ancient scrolls.


Long time ago most powerful Edenian gods Pulpos and Argus had been fighting for the lordship over the realm. Argus had been victorious, and he precipitated Pulpos into the deep underground sea. Degraded and prostrate, Pulpos was waitng for his time in the darkest sea depths...

Valiant and handsome general Rain of Edenia was king Jerrod’s favorite and was deeply in love with his master’s daughter, Kitana. Princess had the same feelings to the valourous warrior, and both wanted to get married one day. But their joy wasn’t to last forever. Terrifying hordes from the Outworld suddenly invaded Edenia. Rain left to fight but he promised his only love, when the war would be over, nobody could do them part.

Rain died at that war. It was gargantuan mutant Goro of Shokan tribe who killed him.

Mad with grief, princess Kitana called upon ancient fallen god Pulpos and awoke him to take her vengeance on Outworld invaders. But she couldn’t expect that Pulpos would be resurrected in the body of her dear Rain. It was also a bitter irony that Rain was a bastard son of Argus – that very god who defeated Pulpos so long ago.

Possessed by the dark entity, general Rain returned from the Netherealm. His face was deformed and corrupted with ugly tentacles while his soul was split in two: one half belonged to Pulpos, other one was still trying to struggle...

- I came up with this concept playing MKT. I thought: almost every ninja in MK shows us what's behind the mask. Scorpion shows us a skull, Kitana – her beautiful face, Meleena – her beautiful teeth, Reptile – well, his beautiful face too ;). So I thought, what can Rain hide behind the mask? And the answer came easily, because of water-based nature of Rain: IT IS TENTACLES HE HIDES!
- I think some kind of homage to cthulhu mythos suits my MK setting pretty well – so it’s not about just tentacles, but old fallen gods too ^_^.
- There would be two variants of Rain’s endings possible: with the inner victory of Edenian and with the triumph of Pulpos. In the second one it would be great to see some love scene with Kitana and tentacles, if you know what I mean.


Major Jackson Briggs executed a bold engagement at the underground weapon factory, belonged to the international criminal organization of Black Dragon. He didn’t know unfortunately that all his operation from its very begining – from captured Black Dragon informer to seemingly easy penetration in depth of the enemy nest – was just a trap set by Kano...

Jax and his squad was suddenly ambushed. Black Dragon goons led by Kabal kille everybody from special forces. Kabal himself captured Jax, cut major’s hands clear with his circular saw and left Jax bleed to death in the mud...

Later Jax was eventually found and saved by strange mechanical creature in golden armor. Using its own environmental support system and materials from the factory, golden creature implanted Jax’s shoulder wounds with artificial mechanical hands equipped with weapons and saved his life.

It said or explained nothing to major Briggs: after the surgery operation was done it dissolved in the dark as some kind of ninja. Not any opportunity for thanking golden creature, Jax decided to concentrate on the Black Dragon again. But one thing bothered his mind: it seemed his new metal hands were made by the same technology Kano’s eye was...

Well not too much comments here. I just wanted to move away from just military style of Jax and Sonya, so there’s more of a steampunk and may be street fashion inspiration here.


Rulers of Edenia – queen Sindel and king Jerrod – had no children. In despair they resorted to a dark mystical sacrament and asked Argus – ancient guardian of Edenia - for a child. After a while Sindel got pregnant and soon gave birth to a girl. Parents desided to call little princess... Mileena.

But whether king and queen had made a mistake during the ritual, or their prayers had got a hearing from other macabre powers – the girl was born with horrible deformities: her eyes was glowing with amber fire and her grotesque mouth was full of long needle-like teeth. Unable to accept such child, Sindel and Jerrod appealed to the court sorcerer Shang Tsung.

Shang Tsung was unable to fix princess’ ugliness, created by ancient magic. So he made a clone of Mileena – exactly the same little girl only with normal eyes and charming smile. New princess was called Kitana. She was fated to become the real heiress of Edenian throne. And little sleeping Mileena was taken away from the castle under the screen of night and was left in her cradle on the outskirts of gloomy Wastelands...

But Mileena wasn’t fated to die like that. Some scavengers of one of the Tarkatan tribes found the cradle. They took little Mileena for the child from ancient Tarkata prophecy. It was said that a little human with monstrous face would bring Tarkata tribes to shining glory and overwhelming triumph...

Mileena grew up into a strong young woman with deadly curves. Tarkatans were following her as the Chosen One. One day she met a strange man with alabaster-pale skin with glyph-shaped cuttings covering his face and torso. He told her the truth about her past and convinced her she was the rightful heiress of Edenian Kingdom. Overflow with anger and spite, Mileena finally found the way to direct brutal might of her loyal Tarkatans...

- I wanted to made her wild, kinky and anarchic but at the same time with some forgotten and twisted nobility in some way.
- Surely it was Quan Chi who told her everything ^_^
- Still don't know did she lead the same Tarkata tribe Baraka commanded or Mileena and Baraka are leaders of the rival tribes...


In his relentless assult, Shao Kahn exterminated everyone of Saurian kind and merdge their realm with Outworld. However it was only an Emperor’s conviction that nobody from reptilian creatures had survived his purge: guileful visier Quan Chi kept the last Saurian egg behind closed doors and buried it in the cellars of emperial tortue chambers, where prisoners were executed by the Kahn’s tormentors.

When little Reptile emerged from the egg, his inborn instincts of stealthiness helped him to keep himself alive. Reptile grew in the dungeons, invizible to others, feeding with corpses of Shao Kahn’s crusified victims.

Reptile slowly began to discover substance of the cruel world surrounded him. He didn’t knows nothing about his kind, about his mysterious birth, about his bloody dinners. The only knowledge he had was his predatory instincts. But he was trying. Trying to think, trying to realize. He used some ragged clothes of dead Edenian rebels to cover his flaky nudity – he found out that he probably liked green somehow.

And now from the darkest depths of tortue chambers he begins his quest for clearing secrets away.

- Edenian rebels, those who tryed to free their realm from Outworld tyrany, were lead by Jade. Thats’ why they wore green.
- I really don’t knoy for what purpose Quan Chi had kept Reptile’s egg alive. Actually he didn’t tell me that yet.


Long ago Lin Kuei was a clan of noble assassins, who watched over the balance between Realms and confronted the tyrannies rising here and there. Many of blood rulers of the past were fallen by hands of Lin Kuei and due to the assassins most cruel empires turned into ashes…

Many centuries passed and there began to appear in the clan them who were hankering after bigger power. Those new Lin Kuei made a secret pacts with Netherealm demons and began to change very nature of Lin Kuei. There were more and more of them…

Cyrax did not approve such developments but saw imminence of these vicious processes. On day he realized that he was the only one left who stood by ideals of original Lin Kuei and that his corrupted clan intended to destroy him. So Cyrax resorted to the ancient techniques and created mechanical golden armor, putting his own soul in there. Acerbated Lin Kuei assassins torn his helpless human body apart but could do nothing with the armor protected by strong will of Cyrax. Many of Lin Kuei fell in battle with mechanical warrior in golden armor, ground with his cogwheels, but the Head of the clan managed to enchain Cyrax with horrible spell, making his mechanical body a prison for Cyrax’s soul. Noble assassin was placed into clan’s catacombs and buried there alive…

Many epochs later, Quan Chi accomplished his part of contract with Sub-Zero and translated all the ancient scrolls of Lin Kuei clan. Sub-Zero followed the scroll’s instructions and managed to discover secret catacombs under the clan’s temple. He saw there an amazing mechanical golem made of gold, created in ancient times. When Sub-Zero broke the seals on the underground doors, the spell put on Cyrax disappeared. The assassin in golden armor revived and broke free. Nether Sub-Zero nor other - even Quan Chi - nobody knew of his intentions now…

- I wanted to see Cyrax not as a high-tech cyborg, but as an ancient technology with some Egyptian or Aztec touch.
- Also I was a little confused back when I saw the fisrt VS-screens of MK3 showing Cyrax: I thought it was a new design for Scorpion. That is why I wanted my Cyrax to be rather golden than yellow.
- You can see some remainder of old bad Lin Kuei on his chest and stomach: it’s quiet a homage to Cyrax MKDA fatality in some way.
- Yeah, it was Cyrax who saved Jax’s life and pimped his arms!
- Also Kano’s eye, Kabal’s mask were made by the same technology.


Away back there was a vagabond living in Edenia. He came to this flourishing land along with many others alike – whose homelands were not by far as rich and peaceful as blissful Edenia was. Ermac labored a lot and didn’t loath any dirty work; he had straggly beard and mighty body. At nights Ermac was staring at the stars and was imaging stars were the souls of his ancestors looking at him from the sky...

One night he sneaked into the royal gardens of King Jarod’s castle – in order to examine stars out of city vanity... when he suddenly saw Kitana, who also liked to walk under the stars, and fell in love with the beautiful Princess in the same flash of time. But what a vexation he felt at the next moment when he realized Kitana wasn’t alone in the gardens: noble general Rain of Edenia held Kitana’s hand in the night and wispered something to her…

Feelings hardly flushed in the harsh heart of a tramp instantly transformed into omnivorous jealousy. Ermac clearly undersood he couldn’t surpass general Rain and gain Princess’ love at his despicable condition.

At the time a macabre menace came from the Realm of Outworld. King Jerrod of Edenia in order to keep his boarders safe decided to create a perfect warrior-protector who could absorb all the power, wisdom and valour of ancient heroes of the past. So he asked his court sorcerer Shang Tsung to produce such an amalgam of noble souls through his magic. One thing Shang Tsung needed to execute his King’s order: a joram, a living container to fuse the deceased warriors’ souls. It had to be a strong person who could sacrifice his normal life in the name of Edenia safety.

So Ermac was chosen. He became THEM. Neither King Jerrod nor even Shang Tsung knew about this straggly tramp real motives. He didn’t do in the name of the Realm. Partially he did it in the name of his love to Kitana. But partially he did it in the name of his hatred to Rain…

- I wanted, alongside vagabondish ideas, to add Ermac some Arabian Nights' scent: in his origin background, in the glyphs over his body, and in general it feels like he is a Genie in some way...
- Ermac’s jealousy was really strong: when he gained the power of souls he began to crush, kill and destroy, trying to become much cooler than Rain. And it is indeed blood - that red color on his jacket.
- Yeah, it seems my MK is equally about love and about ripping limbs.

Notna (Noob Saibot)

Zang Yu was a beautiful young girl born in a family of one of the Lin Kuei patriarch in disguise and she was addicted to everything mystical, dark and unnatural.

One day she saw a strange man with alabaster-pale skin with glyph-shaped cuttings covering his face and torso who came to her father on some business. After that he became a constant guest in their house.

Zang Yu was eavesdropping her father's conversations with the pale man and eventually found out that the guest was a mighty necromancer Quan Chi and that he needed Lin Kuei warriors to complete some kind of research concerning liberation of Netherealm powers. Heart of the young girl went pitpat as she felt a strong affinity for dark sorcerer.

Zang Yu's father finally denied Quan Chi's offer and asked him politely not to come to his house anymore. Secretly from her father Zang Yu stopped the sorcerer at the yard and, trembling in raptures, confessed her love to Quan Chi and her deep desire to serve him in his experiments.

She ran away from home and became sorcerer's wife. Cynically using her naive innocence, Quan Chi made her an object for unholy transformations and bound her to the Netherealm forever. He gave her a new name: Notna, the first member of yet to be found Sisterhood of Shadow, deeply perverted creature, beautiful, frightening and deadly, controlling dark shadows and dirty human desires...

- Actually I've always seen my Noob Saibot as a girl, so the contest could not have come at a better time ^^
- Of course I was hugely inspired by Bianca Beauchamp and Bayonetta in some way.
- As her story, the gameplay of Notna would rest not only on shadow manipulation but on using opponent's desires (seducing men, deprave women, hopping avenging spirits up).

Пока переписывал и публиковал - понял, что совершенно не умею переводить с английского литературно, даже если это мой английский. Сплошная калька, какой-то жуткий инфантильный пафос получается, даже зубы сводит. Поэтому решил везде оставить оригинальные вводные персонажей. И хотя они тоже не блеск, так, по крайней мере, создаётся иллюзия загадочности, и зубы сводит чуть меньше.
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